About Me

Artist Andy Alexander studied at UCLA and Art Center College of Design with luminaries such as Paul McCarthy, Cathy Opie, and Mike Kelley, and has shown in galleries and institutions for over 15 years. The Los Angeles artist's most recent project is The Grim Wreather, an unholy mashup of bright Christmas wreaths, dark Halloween spirit, and a trained artist's eye. He likes to think of them as sculptures that hang on your door.

With a deep fascination of the occult and horror, Andy first created the macabre and masterful assemblages in 2014 for like-minded friends and family. Each of the commission-based pieces required up to three weeks to make, and featured intricately detailed Halloween decorations, fabulous costume jewelry, and traditional artificial flowers. Each unique wreath tells a story and evokes reactions from the sublime to the darkly humorous. And to meet unexpected demand, he began making small runs of customer favorites.

With the Halloween season approaching, Andy has started a Fall 2016 waiting list and is accepting commissions. Most of the wreaths featured atgrimwreather.com are built and ready to ship. Others need to be custom made and can take up to a week to deliver. Clients are encouraged to participate in the ideation of such pieces, and may submit theme requests and budgets. 

Look for Andy and his work at Scream L.A. and Midsummer Scream in Long Beach this Halloween season and reach out to him at info@grimwreather.com.