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The Most Disturbing Movies EVER!

The Most Disturbing Movies EVER!

Based on my curious, talented and knowledgeable Facebook friends, I've compiled all the trailers of the most disturbing movies ever! What makes a disturbing movie? After collecting and watching trailers from all of the movies, I've concluded that disturbing means:

  1. Absolutely disgusting, totally gross
  2. Fucked me up for life when I saw it as a kid
  3. Psychologically creepy/unsettling - can't shake it
  4. Grad school made me do it
  5. Karen Black is the mom
  6. Americans think this is a "feel good movie" but really it's totally creepy

So... without further ado, "enjoy" the trailers and please recommend MORE! 

Joan Alexander (aka mom): The Thing (Original)

Kelly Harris-Sophie's Choice

Shannon Holbrook - The Seasoning House

Mathew Rivera: Dancer in the Dark and Requiem For a Dream


Daniel Hernandez: Breaking the Waves, Waltz with Bashir, Osama

Alison Tighe: Saw 4

Daniel Blachowski: The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

Rory Devine: Burnt Offerings

Eric Nordhauser: Jacob’s Ladder and Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Julian Hoeber: Saló, or the 120 Days of Sodom


Kristin Calabrese: Clockwork orange Eyes Wide Shut Funny Games, Kill Bill,  Antichirst, The Act of Killing

Chris Baes: Forest Gump

Jin Yoon: Audition, Ichi the killer

Stephanie White: Marathon Man, Caligula, Day of the Locust

Amy Johnson: Magic, Oldboy (the original version) and High Tension.

Amir Bahadori: Irreversible. Boys Don’t Cry,

Javier Esparza: A Serbian Film!

Bonnie Fisher: Caillou, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Christian Hibbard: Man Bites Dog

Sam Senteney: Oklahoma

Howard Moon: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Tony Aguilar: Santa Sangre or L.I.E.

Antonio Ortiz: The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea

Andrew Sheiner: Funny Games, Hostel, Saw

Donna Naclerio: The Human Centipede

Nelson Abbott: The Audition

Alice Dison: People Under the Stairs

Wendy Lau: The Devils Rain

Amy Yow: Creep Show 2

Christie Frields: Irreversible

April Durham: 3 Women

Wallace Stasiuk: Kentucky Fried Movie

Last but not least, my choices: The Other, Blue Sunshine, and Brainstorm