The Most Disturbing Movies EVER!

Based on my curious, talented and knowledgeable Facebook friends, I've compiled all the trailers of the most disturbing movies ever! What makes a disturbing movie? After collecting and watching trailers from all of the movies, I've concluded that disturbing means:

  1. Absolutely disgusting, totally gross
  2. Fucked me up for life when I saw it as a kid
  3. Psychologically creepy/unsettling - can't shake it
  4. Grad school made me do it
  5. Karen Black is the mom
  6. Americans think this is a "feel good movie" but really it's totally creepy

So... without further ado, "enjoy" the trailers and please recommend MORE! 

Joan Alexander (aka mom): The Thing (Original)

Kelly Harris-Sophie's Choice

Shannon Holbrook - The Seasoning House

Mathew Rivera: Dancer in the Dark and Requiem For a Dream


Daniel Hernandez: Breaking the Waves, Waltz with Bashir, Osama

Alison Tighe: Saw 4

Daniel Blachowski: The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

Rory Devine: Burnt Offerings

Eric Nordhauser: Jacob’s Ladder and Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Julian Hoeber: Saló, or the 120 Days of Sodom


Kristin Calabrese: Clockwork orange Eyes Wide Shut Funny Games, Kill Bill,  Antichirst, The Act of Killing

Chris Baes: Forest Gump

Jin Yoon: Audition, Ichi the killer

Stephanie White: Marathon Man, Caligula, Day of the Locust

Amy Johnson: Magic, Oldboy (the original version) and High Tension.

Amir Bahadori: Irreversible. Boys Don’t Cry,

Javier Esparza: A Serbian Film!

Bonnie Fisher: Caillou, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Christian Hibbard: Man Bites Dog

Sam Senteney: Oklahoma

Howard Moon: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Tony Aguilar: Santa Sangre or L.I.E.

Antonio Ortiz: The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea

Andrew Sheiner: Funny Games, Hostel, Saw

Donna Naclerio: The Human Centipede

Nelson Abbott: The Audition

Alice Dison: People Under the Stairs

Wendy Lau: The Devils Rain

Amy Yow: Creep Show 2

Christie Frields: Irreversible

April Durham: 3 Women

Wallace Stasiuk: Kentucky Fried Movie

Last but not least, my choices: The Other, Blue Sunshine, and Brainstorm




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