The Grim Wreather

The Flowering of the Strange Orchid

The Flowering of the Strange Orchid

I teamed up with the infamous immersive dinner theater veteran Courtney Nichols of Disco Dining Club fame to create a one of a kind Halloween experience. Loosely based on the seminal botanical horror short story "The Flowering Of The Strange Orchid" by HG Wells, our 3-night Halloween event will explore the symbiotic relationship between man and flower. The event took place in the 1906 Rives Mansion in Mid City Los Angeles.

The entrance featured a staircase illuminated by a projection of streaming lava by artist Lee Minton. And candles, candles everywhere thanks to Candle Delirium. Guests sipped cocktails by Baxter Speakeasy and roamed around the ground floor listening to famed harpist Jill Flomenhoft.

Cynthia from created custom blends of tea based on your deepest wishes and aspirations. I made wreaths and they were everywhere! Once the guests were settled they were asked to join the "Victorian man" and his "Orchid" love interest in the haunted green house for dinner.

A 5 course meal + Dessert by Food and Wine Famed chef Laurent Quenioux of LQFoodlings. I constructed a wreath turned inside out, a 12 foot tall haunted and hollowed out oak tree guests walked into, surrounding themselves in moss, flowers, fluorescent pink snake vertabrae and a disco ball...of course. More projections by Lee Minton illuminated the giant orchids flanking the tree. It was the most incredible experience, a dream come true. A haunted house without the jump scares, filled with uncanny beauty and strangeness that is the Grim Wreather.

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