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Interview with Artist Blial Cabal

Interview with Artist Blial Cabal

I love discovering artists and following them on instagram.  What's even better than watching them make incredible work is working on a project together. I found Blial (follow him!) a couple years back perusing the hashtag "darkarts". I knew I wanted to work with him, I just needed a good excuse why. His unique block print style mixed with his dark psychedelic imagery is totally unique. So I decided to make some wreather merch. Here's the work of genius he came up with! So far I' m selling t-shirts, but a limited edition print is coming soon!  Here's the incredible piece: 


After working with him on a drawing I needed to know more. So I interviewed him. Without further ado...

Wreather: What did you draw when you were a kid?

Blial: 90's Gangsters & stick figures depicting scenes from WWI with tanks and army paratroopers.

Wreather: What comics did you read when you were kid?

Blial: No Comics, I read the Redwall series of fantasy novels by Brian Jacques (here's a link)

Wreather: Does your mom like your art?

Blial: I can't tell, but she is supportive.

Wreather: Do you read horror?

Blial: No

Wreather: Have you ever been scared by your own work?

Blial: No

Wreather: Do you wear wrist protection when you are sporting (don't know if you skate, or bike or what)?

Blial: No

Wreather: Do you consider what you make Art?

Bilial: What else would it be, yes.

Wreather: Favorite Artists?

Bilial:Dore, Goya, Durer, Stefano Della Bella, Zdzislaw Beksinski, to name a few.

After getting to know Blial, I realized he's a two person team with his amazing partner. Here's a picture of the lovely couple.