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Creep it Yourself Halloween Wreath by The Grim Wreather

Creep it Yourself Halloween Wreath by The Grim Wreather

I get asked a lot of questions. About my favorite horror movies, artistic inspirations, where I get my ideas for my wreaths—things like that. But the question I get asked most often is, “Grim Wreather, how ever do you make such amazing Hallowen wreaths?”

So, here’s a quick step-by-step guide to how a Halloween wreath comes to be:

The Base

Grapevine Wreath The Grim Wreather Base for making Halloween Decorations by Andy Alexander

The base is the most important component of any wreath. You start with a “grapevine wreath” like the one below; I get mine at Michael’s (they have a weekly 40% off coupon! Irresistable.)  For some reason, grapevine wreaths are also in stores during Thanksgiving and Christmas, which is slightly odd, because these things are pretty creepy. I love them, though, because the elements you use to flesh out the wreaths attach really easily to the branches. Also, grapevine wreaths are in a suspended state of decay, which really adds to the aesthetic.


The Decorations

Now it’s time to amass a nice collection of some Halloween kitsch. We’re talking little zombies, doll heads, cobwebs, ghostly fabrics, decrepit pumpkins and tombstones…the possibilities are endless. The best part is, is that this time of year this stuff is EVERYWHERE. I’ve scored awesome finds at the 99 Cent Store, the Spirit Halloween Store, Osh, Rite Aid, Walgreen’s, Target, even in a car wash once (no joke!) Make sure that the kitsch you choose really reflects the spirit you’re picturing for the wreath; a theme can go a long way.

The Components

  • Here are the other materials you’ll need for your wreath. They’re all craft store basics, so don’t be too intimidated:
  • Spanish Moss. This’ll add dimension to the wreath, while making it look like its falling apart.
  • Glue gun. Just in your life in general, though, you should always have a glue gun. They’ve been known to save quite a few lives.
  • Wire cutters. Also very handy. Get some wire, too, for twisting around the more precarious stuff.
  • Fake flowers. I love the ones that are out of season and therefore heavily discounted. Oh, don’t be afraid to think outside the box—sometimes spring flowers can give Halloween-themed wreaths just that right amount of “something weird’s afoot!” that we all love.


The Creation

Now you take your kitsch and flowers and get creative with the tools. There are a million different ways you could go about this: lacing wires through the branches, sticking fake flowers into crevices, simply going crazy with the glue gun. It’s all up to you! Then top it all off with some Spanish moss and maybe a cobweb or two, and then you’ll have your own DIY Hallow - wreath. 
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