The Grim Wreather

Dismaland. The Human Centipede of Theme Parks

From the look of it, a masterwork has emerged. Bansky's "Dismaland" is both commentary on the carnival AND a carnival itself. I remember hearing that Paul McCarthy wanted to buy Santa's Village in the San Bernadino mountains and turn it into an animatronic horror show, a solipsistic fairground plucked from the artist's imagination. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Bansky did it and he took the idea further. He's invited other visual artists to create attractions. Pussy Riot is playing on the fair grounds, DJs on Saturday nights, and a theres even going to be a comedy festival!  Click here for a wonderful write up at the incomparable Hyperallergic. Thoughts?

Image by Paul Townsend. Click here to see his amazing FLIKR stream.