The Grim Wreather

5 Mind Bending Movies Great for Napping

I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on these cult classics. Everyone has different tolerance for slow, boring, trippy. What is boring anyway, a lack of curiosity. So, without further ado:

5. Holy Mountain

I've seen it a bunch of times, but honestly... an image search is just as good. Amazing sets and esoteric rituals paced like an orthodox bar mitvah.

4. The Visitor

Haven't seen it. Just watched the the preview and did an image search. Looked fun, but I have a sinking suspicion..



3. Re Animator

Thought to  myself...I got watch this one again. Alas...


2. The Stalker

I want to love this movie, it's by Tarkovsky for crying out loud - sounds great, but seriously


1. Time Bandits

I know, I know...but I swear, watch it again and try keeping your eyes open.