The Grim Wreather

WARNING! There are no gay boys at art school!

Still from The Shining

I've spoken to many people over the years that believe relationships and careers are mutually exclusive, you can only work on one at a time. I believe there is no difference between work, life and love. They are all the same thing and they take practice and commitment.

I loved to draw and I loved boys. So I went to art school. I thought there'd be a lot of like minded "creative" and "sensitive" types. At UCLA there was little emphasis on drawing and all the boys were straight. Drawing started to take a back seat, and I fell in love with making installations.

The image above is from a piece I made called "Bathroom". During the class discussion, I managed to avoid talking about the scene I projected from The Shining where two men clean each other in a bathroom while talking about killing Jack's wife. I talked about building physical portals into imagined spaces.

It took 3 years to finally find a boyfriend at UCLA. By that time, I was so involved in making things and so new at relationships it ended pretty horribly. I started making elaborate works of art that helped me escape from the challenges of relationships. Building installations took me out of the daily practice of being creative and put me in a world of planning, hauling stuff and storage. I kept really busy.

After getting my MFA at Art Center, I met my future husband Brandon on Friendster. I found him because I was ready for and wanted a relationship. I browsed dating sights and social networks. I went on bad dates and good ones. I stumbled on Brandon's profile one rainy afternoon in February 2004. He was one of many emails I sent out that day. We went to Pho, we talked a lot and 5 years later we got married.

I've been on a creative streak lately. I've found drawing and making halloween wreaths to be really fulfilling. I do it everyday, in between getting my son off to school, freelance, and making dinner. I'm an artist and I need a creative outlet. Like, one I can do everyday. But I'm also a dad and a husband too. So I've figured out how to compartmentalize my passions and I feel like I live a healthy, well rounded life. I might not be making large scale immersive installations everyday (watch out SCARE LA!) but I am doing the best I can at this moment